Public speaking

“A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.” ― Winston Churchill

Competent Communicator Manual

As soon as you become a member of Toastmasters, you will receive the CC manual as part of the joining package and that it’s the start or your speaking journey. When you finish all of the projects, you will receive Competent Communicator certificate (CC).

1. The Ice Breaker

Introduce yourself to your fellow club members and give them some information about your background, interests, and ambitions.

2. Organize Your Speech

Make your message clear, with supporting material directly contributing to that message.

3. Get to the Point

Organize the speech in a manner that best achieves those purposes.

4. How To Say It

Select the right words and sentence structure to communicate your ideas clearly, accurately and vividly.

5. Your Body Speaks

Use stance, movement, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact to express your message and achieve your speech’s purpose.

6. Vocal Variety

Use voice volume, pitch, rate, and quality to reflect and add meaning and interest to your message.

7. Research Your Topic

Carefully support your points and opinions with specific facts, examples, and illustrations gathered through research.

8. Get Comfortable With Visual Aids

Select visual aids that are appropriate for your message and the audience. Use visual aids correctly with ease and confidence.

9. Persuade With Power

Persuade listeners to adopt your viewpoint or ideas or to take some action.

10. Inspire Your Audience

To inspire the audience by appealing to noble motives and challenging the audience to achieve a higher level of beliefs or achievement.