Join Toastmasters – Prague Speakers club

“You can speak well, if you can deliver the message of your heart.“ ― John Ford

Top reasons to join us

The Toastmasters program offers many benefits that help people in all walks of life. As a result of participating in Toastmasters, you will:

Become a better speaker

By learning to effectively formulate and express your ideas, you open an entirely new world of possibilities. You’ll be more persuasive and confident in giving presentations and speeches.

Increase your self- confidence

Before you become skilled communicator and leader, you will first gain the self-assurance and belief that you can indeed become who you were meant to be. Toastmasters provide the tools to build your confidence.

Learn by doing

A Toastmasters meeting is a learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere.

Communicate more effectively

Learn to speak effectively to any group – large or small, customers, colleagues, or superiors.

Improve your English

English is our tool of communication. Expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar with us.

Become a better leader

Toastmasters help members learn the skills they will need to be successful leaders inside and outside Toastmasters.

Contact Us

    Few simple steps to join

    It’s very easy! Come to any club meeting as a guest and see how it works.

    Come and see it for yourself

    Your visit is free and we allow you to come more than once to see how we work. It is recommended to contact our officers in advance to confirm your visit.

    Registration and membership fee

    At the meeting, ask our VP membership for a membership application and fill it out. Pay your dues – our membership fee is affordable. Your initial investment is:

    1. New member fee – 650,- Kč
    2. Dues for 6 months – 1350,- Kč
    • Then give your application form to our VP membership and it will be sent to

    Toastmasters Worlds Headquarters together with your new member fee.

    Congratulations! Now you are a member

    After joining our club you will receive new member kit in about 4 weeks which includes:

    • Subscription to magazine Toastmaster
    • Manual Competent communicator
    • Manual Competent leadership

    As an extra bonus, you will also get following:

    • personal mentor from club as per your choice
    • subscription to our club newsletter
    • incredible amounts of fun & knowledge
    • new friends